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    Procurement Policy

    We aim to establish a procurement foundation with an organic network so Global USUI can securely carry out the most timely and stable procurement of the best product in the world at the lowest price. At the same time, we build a strong partnership with the business partners based on transparency and fairness, and work together to fulfill the social responsibility for maintaining healthy society.

    Basic Procurement Policy


    We provide equal and fair opportunities to business partners desiring to do business with us, regardless of the nationality, scale of company and past transaction results. For this, we develop business partners globally to maintain competition.


    When placing an order, we appropriately and objectively evaluate and select the business partner from the standpoint of the competitiveness, such as quality, supply, price, technology and management, and the social responsibilities such as compliance with laws, regulations and social customs, respect for human rights, unjustifiable discrimination in employment and occupation, elimination of child labor and forced labor, environment conservation, and social contribution activities.


    We seek for coexistence and co-prosperity with the business partners by sharing a goal from a long-term and global viewpoint, deepening the relationship of trust through communications, and improving ourselves.


    We comply with various laws and regulations, corporate ethics and corporate rules, consider conservation of the global environment and reduction in the impact on the ecosystem, and contribute to the international and local communities.

    Green Procurement Guideline

    USUI CO., LTD. position Green Procurement Activity as an important role in the environment management activities. To deal with current increasingly strict environmental regulations, we must share the information with all suppliers, both environmental enhancement and promotion.
    This “Green Procurement Guideline” is summarized procurement requirements based on this belief. We would like to thank our business partners for understanding the content on the continued cooperation.
    For more information please contact our Global Procurements.