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    USUI CO., LTD. is “an enterprise which seeks to continuously preserve and improve the global environment as a part of social responsibility”. To this end, USUI CO., LTD. is proceeding to obtain ISO14001 accreditation, the international standard for environment management systems.

    Environmental policy

    Basic policy

    USUI CO., LTD. who engages in designing, development and manufacturing parts for automotive industry, recognizes the protection of the global environment as the most important issue among all things, as a part of company’s social responsibility. Aiming at building the society where “Health maintenance” and “Protection of global environment” are ensured, USUI CO., LTD. makes every effort to contribute to them.

    Guideline of action

    In order to minimize the adverse effect produced by our business activities on environment, we will do our best to improve any matters of problems ahead of us.

    1. Reduction and protection for environmental pollution.
      1) Try to minimize quantities of natural resources and energy.
        (Reduce CO2 emissions)
      2) Cut down waste and facilitate recycling.
      3) Cut down harmful chemicals in use.
      4) Prevent environmental pollution from occurring.
      5) Try to protect the environment.
    2. Set up and review the object, other target and continue further improvement.
      • Based on the policy, we determine the objects and the targets of environment, continuously reviewing them, and improve the environment management system.
    3. Comply with the rules.
      • Comply with any applicable legal requirements related to environmental aspects or any other related requirement in Japan.

    This policy should be made known to every person who works for the organization without exception by posting on a board or by some other means. Also this policy is to be disclosed to the stakeholders.

    USUI CO., LTD.
    Board Director in charge of Environmental Issues
    Kazuteru Mizuno

    Current ISO14001 certification status

    Certified Year Facilities
    1998 Nagasawa-Nishi Plant
    2002 Head Office, Koatsukan Plant, Kyowa Plant, Hiroshima Satellite Plant
    2003 Izu-Nagaoka Plant, Okazaki Satellite Plant, Kakita Plant, Tamagawa Plant, Ohito Plant, Nagasawa Plant
    2004 Tochigi Satellite Plant
    2006 Nirayama Plant
    2009 Gotemba Plant
    2019 Fuji-Gotemba Plant, Kyushu Satellite Plant

    ISO14001 Certificate

    ISO14001 Certificate Page 1 of 2
    ISO14001 Certificate Page 2 of 2

    Photovoltaic Power Generation

    USUI introduced solar photovoltaic that is renewable energy as a part of the global environment maintenance activity.
    We installed 2,120 pieces of solar panels and solar photovoltaic facility where its system capacity holds up to 507kW on 8,900 square meters of the site in the Ohito ground of Izu-City, Shizuoka. The operation started in April, 2013.
    The power supply is equivalent to approximately 170 standard domestic households which is about 590,000kWh per year, and we expect the CO2 reduction effect for 219 tons a year.