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    U-TIGHTSEAL® is a metal gasket including coil spring as elastic core with metal sheath. Even though fully metal construction gasket, due to the superior press-recovery features, U-TIGHTSEAL® is equipped with similar characteristics with gaskets made of elastic materials, such as rubber. It has the hoop like appearance with circular cross section. An elastic core wound into helicoids is tightly wrapped up with one or two metal layers.

    The wrapping material should be selected from ductile metals for good concordance. When adopting 2 layer constructions, a relatively hard (less ductile) metal will generally be used for the material of inner sheath.

    Thanks to the constructions, U-TIGHTSEAL® has excellent compatibilities to severe operating conditions such as wide temperature ranges, harsh corrosive environments, wide pressure ranges, and radiation exposures, with minimal outgassing under ultra high vacuum and good durability.

    In particularly, these operating conditions should generally be specified in several industrial areas evolving recently such as vacuum service, ultra high vacuum service, particle/electron accelerator facilities, nuclear energy fields, aerospace fields, and severe service valves.

    U-TIGHTSEAL® is applicable to such fields that conventional o-rings and/or gaskets made from elastic materials will not be adopted due to too severe requirements.


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