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    Push Rod

    USUI Push Rod is a hollow bar type product, which consists of a short tube with an upper end (cup shaped) and a lower end (ball shape). On a tube end, an upper end is joined and on another end, a lower end is joined with projection weld.

    Comparing with conventional “solid” bar type push rods, USUI Push Rod is inherently light. If required, both ends will have a through-hole by drilling. It is suitable for applying internal lubrication type engines.

    Lower price with shorter delivery on the products had realized through standardization of all three components, i.e. pipes, upper ends, and lower ends.

    USUI Push Rod has been adopted on engines for various fields such as automobiles, agricultural machines, construction machines, and marines. Many push rods are shipped from USUI not only to domestic market, but also to worldwide markets, North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Push Rod
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