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    Heat Exchanger

    USUI tubular exchangers have the reputation for a wide variety of models, moderate prices, and short delivery, since USUI had started research and development on the equipment. And currently, the exchangers are adopting various uses and purposes such as water heating systems and bathing facilities; preheating and heat recovering.


    1. Thanks to the best tube layout and proprietary baffles, which are equipped with press formed collars, the exchangers have higher heat exchanging performance and superior vibration durability.
    2. Corrosion resistant materials are used for both sides, of exchangers, primary and secondary. Hence, the exchangers might be applied to various types of fluids.
    3. Due to fixed-tube-sheet construction, there is no floating part or seal portion such as o-ring. Hence the exchanger could have superior reliability and durability.
    4. In order to allow the most economical selection, USUI had commercialized a series of standard items for respective needs, in heat transfer area: 0.1 m² to 11 m² and also in tube pass: 1 pass, 2 passes, and 4 passes.
    5. To fit with existing piping layout provided by user, 90 or 180 deg.-rotated design is available on shell side nozzle orientation.
    Heat Exchanger

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