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    ECFD® is a fan drive with the rotation speed controlled via electrical signal externally fed to solenoid valve, while conventional Fan Drive® is self-controlled using bi-metal sensing air temperature passing through the radiator. Several related data, such as temperature of engine cooling fluid, engine rotation speed, and cooling fan rotation speed are fed into ECU. ECU calculates desirable fan speed at each moment and transmits it as control signal to ECFD® in electrical signal form so as to maintain fan rotation speed in desired condition.

    Thereby, fan is operated with optimal speed for the engine under any operation statuses. This could lead a vehicle equipped with ECFD® to increasing overall fuel economy, higher engine efficiency, decreasing fan noise, and more.

    USUI is continuing ECFD® development in order to commercialize all sizes to cover all engine sizes.

    ECFD® ECFD®+Plastic Cooling Fan
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