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    December 3, 2021

    On December 3, 2021, the Usui Group held the "GLOBAL USUI BUSINESS PLAN CONFERENCE 2022" with the participation of all overseas subsidiaries.
    Due to the influence of Coronavirus, it was held on the web following last year, and each company announced the activity plan for 2022.
    We will promote activities in line with the group policy, along with our customers and local communities.

    Donation of security camera to local elementary school

    November 18, 2021

    USUI donated a security camera to Nagaoka-kita elementary school near our Izu-Nagaoka plant and Izu-Ema plant.
    A donation ceremony was held at Nagaoka-kita elementary school on November 18, 2021.
    We hope that children have safe school life.
    As a community member, Usui is always pleased to contribute to local people.

    Izu Ema Plant Completion Ceremony Held

    August 18, 2021

    On August 18, 2021, Usui held an open ceremony of Izu Ema Plant by inviting Mayor of Izunokuni City and other many guests.
    This new plant is another strategic manufacturing plant with state-of-the-art machines and equipment for ECFD (Externally Controlled Fan Drive) and Direct Injection Fuel Lines for Gasoline Engines.
    We are determined that Izu Ema Plant will be beneficial to our global customers as well as contributing to our local community.
    We are looking forward to serving our global customers.

    Confirmation of Disaster Agreement with Izunokuni city

    August 18, 2021

    Following the Izu Ema Plant Opening ceremony on August 18, 2021, Usui visited Izunokuni City Hall to confirm the Disaster Agreement.
    The purpose of this agreement is the United Cooperation between Izunokuni City and Usui in case of Disaster. Usui provides its parking space and other premises for evacuation and temporary storage of food, drink and other necessary supplies.
    This is our will that the agreement will be enhancing a win-win collaboration between Usui and local community.
    As a community member, Usui is always pleased to contribute to local people and economy.

    USUI SUSIRA New Plant Puja Event

    July 14, 2021

    USUI SUSIRA INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. held the Puja event of its new plant on July 14, 2021 at the Mahindra Industrial Park in northern Chennai.
    The event took place with a limited number of participants due to the COVID-19 lock-down.
    USUI SUSIRA will produce mainly high-quality environmental technology that the Usui group specializes in to cope with the growing demand in the Indian automotive market.
    We will integrate existing factories to strengthen the supply system and continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers.

    Plant tour of Izusogo high school

    May 12, 2021

    On May 12, 2021, as a contribution to the local community, we held a plant tour for 23 3rd graders of Izusogo high school.
    Since the internship was not possible due to the influence of COVID-19, they asked us as an alternative opportunity.
    They visited three plants, and were amazed at our factory and machine movements which they have never seen before.
    We hope that this tour will give students who are going to find a job an opportunity to think about their own career choices.

    The cherry blossoms of the commemorative tree have bloomed

    April 13, 2021

    The cherry blossoms planted on October 14, 2020 to commemorate the opening of the head office bloomed beautifully.
    Although the branches are still small, they have many flowers and buds.
    We will continue to strive to grow together with this cherry blossom.

    Welcoming ceremony in 2021

    April 1, 2021

    On April 1, 2021, USUI CO., LTD. held a ceremony to welcome our new employees.
    Attendees included the chairman, the president, the directors, and the labor union representative.
    This ceremony was held as the first event at the new building.
    The ceremony was a great success with speeches given by the president, greetings from the labor union representative, and a speech of appreciation from a new employee representative.

    Greetings for the 80th anniversary of our founding

    February 11, 2021

    On February 11, USUI CO., LTD. celebrated its 80th anniversary. We founded "USUI Seikin Kikai Kenkyusho" in 1941 and started manufacturing injection needles and instrument transformer Bourdon tubes. In 1945, the company name was changed to the current USUI CO., LTD, and in 1949, we succeeded in developing a fuel injection pipe for diesel engines and made a foray into the automobile industry.
    In the long history, there were times when business activities were difficult due to the war, the Lehman shock, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and COVID-19, but our employees were able to overcome the crisis and reach this day.
    We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the special patronage and support of many people, including our customers.
    In addition, the new head office building was completed last year, and we will build a foundation for the 100th anniversary as a new start.
    We appreciate your continued support.