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    Site Policy

    This site is administered by USUI CO., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as USUI). Please read the following carefully before using this site. Do not use this web site if you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions presented hereunder.

    USUI reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without pre-notice. You should review the terms often, because they are binding on you.


    Copyright and other property rights related to the information posted on this Web site, such as all contents, literary works (product literature and technical information), and other materials belong solely to USUI. You may use the information for your personal use. Any other use exceeding the limits are not allowed by law such as Japanese copyright law, Universal Copyright Convention, and copyright laws of several countries. Without previous permission, regardless of the execution measures such as reproduce, modify, rental, distribute, transmit, or publication, no information posted on the site can be used for any third parties.
    Terms mentioned in this policy may be superseded by specific terms attached to individual information posted on this site, if any.


    The names, service, and products identifying USUI or third parties showing on this site are subject to copyright, design rights, and registered trade marks of USUI and/or third parties. Occasionally, we are providing trade names and/or product names of third parties on our site as a convenience to our customers and visitors. But, we have no intention to and/or are aiming for infringement of the trademark.


    1. USUI dose not warrant the accuracy, effectiveness, credibility, safeness, or suitability for a particular purpose in any way on the materials posted on this site. While USUI takes every precaution, before providing information on the site, USUI shall assume no liabilities for any losses and/or damages that may result from your using this site.
    2. Without any notice, USUI may modify or delete any of the information posted on this site or furthermore may also change the composition/URL of or interrupt and/or halt access to this site.
      USUI shall assume no liability for any losses and/or damages that may result from such modification or deletion on this site or interruption or halting access to this site.
    3. The contents of third party website (hereinafter referred as link sites) to/from which links are contained on this website are managed under the responsibilities of the providers of the link sites and further more the said sites are not controlled under USUI responsibility. It dose not constitute any particular relations such as alliance among us. USUI shall assume no liabilities on the link site contents or whatsoever for any damages that may result from the use of such link sites.